Resilience: endurance, learning from one's battles, experience, growth, maturity, mastery, wounded healer, dignity, value, maintain composure, equanimity, mind over matter
Courage: strength, honor, heroism, assertiveness, self-defense, bravery, remain firm, resolute, hold one's ground, putting on a brave face
Survival: resistance, fighting, overcoming, victory, peacekeeper, survival of the fittest, defensiveness, control, power, domination, bully
Movie Clips & Videos:

Your move, chief – Good Will Hunting

Bright moments – All The Bright Places

Strength – Frida Kahlo

Calmer than You Are, The Dude Abides – The Big Lebowski, 
On Becoming An Adult – Joseph Campbell,
To Transform Pain Into Joy – Christiane Northrup

"In the many hundred years since the myth of Hercules, the idea of the hero overcoming the lion has undergone a change. The lion defeated is no longer killed but becomes the preserver and protector, and here the two become faithful friends. But we must not think that the theme of conquering the lion is now today outlived. It is as pertinent as ever. However, more advanced individuals have to go further with the task and not subjugate and overcome the lion, that is, the emotions, but join and cooperate with them."
– Barbara Hannah, The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

The king's son who feared nothing (Brothers Grimm)
Master Pretender (First Aid Kit), 
Comme un Sage (l'Heptade, Harmonium)

Come un Sage – Harmonium

Tarot: Strength
Mythology:  Sekhmet, Hercules
Alchemy: The Three Birds (Splendor Solis)
And The Flip Side Is

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