Duality: polarity, choice, mutual respect, attachment, distance, separation, shadow unconscious and projection onto others

Boundaries: individuality, prefer one above all others, standing up for oneself, ego boundaries, territorial, self-defense, asserting personal needs, individualism ​​​​​​​

Opposition: disagreement, protest, resistance, confrontation, challenging another or the status quo, competition, jealousy, control, tension, fighting, war, tearing apart
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Frida and Diego's relationship

A Marriage Story

I'm on your side - Moonrise Kingdom

"Just as it is customary for people to believe that pain and sadness should be avoided under all circumstances, they believe that love means the absence of any conflict... Real conflicts between two people, those which do not serve to cover up or to project, but which are experienced on the deep level of inner quality to which they belong, are not destructive. They lead to clarification, they produce a catharsis from which both persons emerge with more knowledge and more strength. " 
– Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving (p.95)

Rallying To Keep The Game Alive (Modern Love),
Sleeping With The Enemy (a man befriends his girlfriend's animus, or male aspects of a female’s psyche), 
When Did Marriage Become So Hard (Hidden Brain)
When Doves Cry – Prince, 
Archipelago – Andrew Bird, 
Separate Lives – Diego Garcia, 
Can I Believe You – Fleet Foxes

Archipelago – Andrew Bird

"The most important contribution Jung makes in his concepts of the anima and animus is to give us an idea of the polarity that exists within each of us. We are not homogeneous units of psychic life, but contain an inevitable opposition with the totality that makes up our  being. There are opposites within us, call then what we like–masculine and feminine, anima and animus, Yin and Yang–and these are eternally in tension and are eternally seeking to unite. To achieve this union of the opposites within ourselves may very well be the task of life."
–John Sanford, The Invisible Partners, p. 109
Tarot: The Lovers Reversed
Mythology: Apollo and Daphne, The Sword Bridge
Alchemy: The Royal Couple (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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