Authenticity: honesty, legitimate, real, confession, new beginning, sincerity, matter-of-fact, clearing the air, true to oneself, unpretentious, simple, naive, plain, genuine, artless, open-hearted, candid, prosaic, blunt, outspoken, possibly oversharing
Boldness: self-confidence, assertive, sure-footed, self-expression, explicit, blunt, straightforward, rugged, crude, rude, impolite

Integrity: complete, whole, natural, trustworthy, dignity, respect, self-respect,  accepting imperfections, not worry about what others think, discernment, prudence, not taking abuse, defensive
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Truth and fresh start – Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Charlie Kaufman On Facing Your True Self

Speaking the truth – Yes Man

"My research suggests that it is typically the most empathic, intuitive member of the family who is cast in the scapegoat role... I suspect that the reason for this is that empath-types tend to be 'truth-seers', 'truth-seekers', and (sometimes) 'truth-tellers' in their family, making them more likely to speak out when they see or experience injustices or abuse.
Empaths and highly-sensitive-person types who loathes conflict typically develop the trauma response of 'fawning' (or people pleasing) in response to family scapegoating abuse.
Fawners are typically individuals who were raised in a dysfunctional or abusive family system and were 'trained' by their primary caregivers to repress and deny their feelings, thoughts, and needs. Such children learn early on in life that their true self-expressions and natural impulses are not acceptable to those they depend on for survival and that their self-worth must be extracted from those around them in a never-ending quest to feel 'okay', accepted, valued, and loved."
Rebecca C. Mandeville, Rejected, Shamed and Blamed (pp. 60-63)

Jenny opens up to Forrest – Forrest Gump

Tarot: The Star
Mythology: Swallow (Egypt), Argus, Canis Major, Laelaps, Eos
Alchemy: The Peacock (Splendor Solis)
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