About the Oracle
We humans think of ourselves as very evolved creatures, and undoubtedly we’ve come a long way in the past several thousand years, but we still share many attitudes with our animal ancestors. At different times we may be confident like a rooster, caring like a seahorse, thrifty like a squirrel, or perhaps sneaky like a raccoon.
The Ingenious Oracle addresses the human problem to “know thyself” by illustrating our animal nature and the various manners with which it comes through in our daily lives, particularly when interacting with others.
Why animals? I didn't know this when I got the idea to use them as symbols but they represent our instincts, which come from the subconscious. Since then I learned that the more we are cut-off from our instinctual life the more it runs our lives and relationships in ways we may or may not like. The key then is to reconnect with these archetypal forces in a conscious way so they (and we) can stop acting out.
With a whimsical approach to self-knowledge, this oracle invites you to reconnect with the ingenious animals that populates our psyche and in doing that become whole and free to be yourself.
How it Works
When showing these cards to friends I noticed that the one(s) they're drawn to immediately is precisely the main conflict they're dealing with in their lives (potentially their greatest gift too). Yet most likely they don't know that it is, literally because it's unconscious. But the psyche speaks to us with images and symbols, especially where emotions are concerned, so that attraction may be an indication that the image describes something needed to become whole. Similar to what may attract us to another person.
So take a look at the cards and see if one pulls you in more than the others. Clicking on the card will take you to a page where you can dive deeper into what it might mean for you. For each card I give some possible meanings but these are only suggestions. You might find other meanings that work best for you. One way to dig for yourself is to follow the rabbit hole of symbols (as I did) and see what associations come up for you.
Because certain things we can understand intellectually but never overcome until they get resolved emotionally, I've also filled each page with different examples from popular culture and history- movies, TV shows, songs, podcasts, art, writings - which in some ways relate to the conflict pictured in the card. Art or story in all its forms can be cathartic and by bringing multiple angles into the matter my hope is that it leads to a resolution.
About Me
I'm an independent artist providing services in illustration, painting, graphic design, and animation, while also offering products such as notebooks, prints, and accessories under the name Sophiequi.
My path into art was anything but traditional: I first studied engineering and mathematics at Montreal Polytechnique and Virginia Tech, then pursued a PhD in Water Sciences with the Université du Québec where I modeled aquifers. Solving problems felt good but I really wanted my work to be more visual and ended up in design by way of technology. While producing the initial drawings that were to become this deck I discovered the language of symbols and developed an interest for the human psyche. After doing research on my own for over 6 years I found kindred spirits in the local mythology community which then led me to pursue a certificate program in Jungian Studies at the Los Angeles Jung Institute. Since then I continue to educate myself on myth and symbolism in any way I can.

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