Certainty: confidence, instinct, assurance, guidance, predictable, can do attitude, not asking for approval, purpose, assertiveness, acting quickly, not accepting mistakes, arrogance 

Intention: choice, setting goals, knowing what one's want, making dreams a reality, committing to a course of action or strategy, being in control, personal responsibility, discipline, habits

Now: immediacy, obligation, wake-up call, responding to or making demands, no alternative, the only choice, one right answer
Movie Clips & Videos:

Leaving nothing to chance – The Last Word

Want vs Need– Soul: Lessons From the Screenplay

I'm on my way to a volcano – Walter Mitty

The Sun Also Rises... Over There
Life Is a Coin With One Side
The Unhappy Deciders​​​​​​​ (This American Life),
Failure as Teacher (This Jungian Life)

"And then something absolutely classic happens, namely, the gesture of impatience. That is typical of the puer aeternus! When he has to take something seriously, either in the outer or the inner world, he makes a few poor attempts and then impatiently gives up... That is why such people tell you suddenly that they have another plan, that this is not what they were looking for. And they always do it at the moment where things become difficult.” 
– M.L Von Franz., The Problem of the Puer Aeternus, p.30

The Roosters of Chagall  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
“You’ve answered all the questions, the rooster shouted, and you can have whatever you want. I wish, Kenny said slowly, —I wish I had a horse, and a ship with an extra room for a friend.
You can have them, said the rooster. When? cried Kenny. Where are they? I see them, he whispered, past the houses, over the bridge, near a mountain on the edge of the ocean. That’s too far, said Kenny and he looked away.
But you’re halfway there, the rooster said. In the dark, Kenny’s eyes grew big. How did I get so far? he asked. You made a wish, said the rooster, and a wish is halfway to wherever you want to go.”
Tarot: The Emperor
Mythology: Father TimeSaturn
Alchemy: The Drowning King (Splendor Solis)
And the Flip Side Is

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