Control: exigent, strict, fastidious, uncompromising, rigor, organization, categorization, compartmentalization, perfectionism, possessive, severe 
Quality: excellence, taste, discrimination, uniqueness, appreciation, picking out the essential, realizing or creating the subjective aspect of an experience, rarity, elite, preferences, finding or holding on to the rare pearl, creating curated collections or meals
Elimination: minimalist, cleanliness, special diet, scarcity, using choice words, clarity, brevity, repression, oblivion, letting go of the past, symbolic death, personal unconscious
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Anton Ego – Ratatouille

Negative Space – Tiny Inventions animation

"The inner battle between the feeling of uniqueness and statistical thinking is generally a battle between intellectualism and allowing feeling its own place in life, because feeling evaluates what is important to me, and my own importance is the counterbalance.
If you have real feeling you can say certainly that this is an ordinary woman but to 'me' she is of the highest value. That would mean the ego makes up its mind to defend and stand up for its own feeling without denying the other aspect... For that an act of loyalty is required toward one's own feeling... The feeling function makes your life and your relationships and deeds feel unique and gives them a definite value."
– Marie-Louise Von Franz, The Problem of the Puer Aeternus, p. 91

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